A Twitter Moment: When Followers Surpass Followings

twitter sophat soeungSince my last two major ‘Twitter moments’ – when I made my tweets public and when I actually ‘started’ tweeting – another milestone worth noticing is when recently the number of my followers (160) have surpassed that of followings (150).

Not a big deal? To be honest, I’m still trying to figure out how to exactly use Twitter meaningfully and I’m far from becoming one of those Twitter addicts. But having increasingly more followers – more people following you than the other way round – is a good source of encouragement. It’s an indication that my tweets are useful for some. But even without those numbers, Twitter as a platform is more useful in so many other ways, than Facebook.

Let me know when you discovered your first #TwitterMoment and whether followers/-ings numbers matter as much to you. And follow me at @SophatSoeung!


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