Phnom Penh Going Hypercool Online

UPDATE: Andrew is in fact a new Phnom Penhois, working at a local NGO. He told me via email that  he was doing this in his spare time. At the of the first post on December 5, there was around 25,000 views. One day after, that number increased by 10,000 views to over 35,000.

That I first learned about this amazing timelapse video of my hometown from an Indonesian friend – and not from a Cambodian friend – didn’t initially catch my attention. I was impressed, stunned, awed. So too were many others, Cambodians and non-Cambodians alike it seems, making the extremely well-shot video go viral on YouTube, and making it into Mashable. And this, at a time when I am in the Penh!  Even if you’ve never been to the Cambodian capital or have heard bad things about it, this video might change your mind. It’s a powerful new digital-age way to change other’s perception about your city or country.

The video was uploaded by Andrew Blalock, who describes himself as originating from the San Francisco Bay area of the United States. He may well just be visiting the city, but my guess is that he’s one of the growing number of expats in Phnom Penh. This evening I was just chatting with friends about the recent influx of foreigners to Phnom Penh, making it ever more cosmopolitan.

Andrew: whether Phnom Penh is your transit or your new home away from home, thank you for making it so hyper-cool!


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